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In a Nutshell


...or the short version

Cindy is a multifaceted content creator and ever-traveling documenter of the Japan experience,

As a Digital Nomad, she works as a writer and editor for Obsessed with Japan - an online Travel and Culture Magazine, creating compelling written and visual content. She also creates educational and fun videos for "Let's Travel and Eat" a Youtube Chanel focusing on what it said on the tin: Travel and Food.  

As a Freelance writer, photographer, curator and SNS wizard she works with businesses in the sake, food, travel and art sector, due to her strong interest in illustration, photography, digital art, and videography. Lending her unique skills and knowledge to other creators.

And last, but certainly not least, with "Sake Nomad" she works in the world of Japanese sake. Leading workshops and events, often travel-themed, with a strong focus on Japanese culture. She also works behind the scenes as a writer, editor, and social media consultant introducing Japanese sake one cup one at a time.

If you are interested in collaborating or in need of a content creator get in touch today!

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Cindy Bissig - Wine Tasting300
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