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The Spirit of Folk Festival 2011

The Spirit of Folk is a two-day, family-friendly festival that was held from 23-25 September in the stunning grounds of Dunderry Park, Co Meath. The Spirit of Folk is a celebration of all things folk! We're talking folk arts, folk crafts, folk games, folk spirituality, folklore, folk philosophy...and that's only what's filed under F!

Spirit of Folk showcased some of the highlights of the UK and Irish folk scene as well as a 'Living History' with ancient crafts and skills brought to life. Furthermore, a range of talks a spiritual workshops was held as well as storytelling, archery, and other games.

Spirit of Folk promised tan eye-catching, intimate, and bewitching festival and delivered!
Cindy Bissig joined the build week with the Festival Art tribe and created unique artwork out of natural materials as well as brought some of her work to "fairy up" the lakeside a bit.

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